Nothing says summertime like fresh fruit…like fresh raspberries….like fresh raspberry flavored booze!  Like Whoa! 
 I believe it qualifies as a serving of fruit as well…bonus point, sold!…cha-ching! (And yes, I’ve been sampling…what kinda cook doesn’t taste her own wares?)
This takes about 2 minutes to throw together but needs to sit for about 4 weeks and can go as long as 8 weeks to achieve maximum raspberry booziness!  So if you get going right now, you could be sipping on this cordial by Labor Day…or is it Memorial Day?  Whas the one in Septmbr? Thas the one  I’mmm talkin’ bout….

pee.eth: Thank you Jamie B. for this recipe…it’s wunnerful.  I love you man,,,,
Ingredients – Makes 3 quarts  – I let mine set for 4 weeks and it was yummy!
2 cups sugar
2 pint raspberries
1 quart vodka

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Place sugar in a 3 quart Mason type jar.  Add the Vodka. Stir untik sugar is dissolved. Add Strawberries. Place in a cool dark place.  Once a week, open and stir.  After 4-8 weeks, strain through a fine sieve or cheese cloth.  Chill and serve!

 Beautiful rich color and very tasty!  Worth the wait!!!